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Visual Communication in Action

Content Creation



“Our eLearning team celebrates DHBW’s school spirit with simple branding tools built into Powtoon’s platform that allow them to create efficiently, and with consistent quality.”

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Brand Awareness



“Powtoon really helped us gain brand awareness, especially with the doctors wanting to know about our products and have our videos playing in their own waiting room.”

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Training at Scale



“This is how we’re able to get people's attention today – with short snappy videos. Powtoon has helped us achieve that fun way of communicating. We've even had employees ask how they can start creating videos themselves.”

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Remote Learning



“Powtoon is on the leading edge of video creation because of its ease of use. I can knock out a video by giving it to someone on my team. It’s so intuitive that anybody can just jump in and bust out the training.”

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Engaging e-learning



“Powtoon has been a game changer for us and for the people actually viewing our content. They’re expecting classroom training, video recordings, or text-based documents, but we’ve moved away from all that. Now it’s about how we can distribute information really quickly, and that’s where video comes in.”

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Positive Learning Culture



“If we’re not willing to invest in creating quality content, it sends a bigger message about how we value employees’ time and how we value this initiative. Powtoon allows us to deliver quality content that honors people’s time investment with quality training programs that employees engage with.”

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Experiential Learning

Farm Bureau Mutual Insurance Company


“We had a lot of PowerPoints that we collected, reworked, and slowly started converting into videos. Powtoon has helped us really improve our efficiency as a team in creating a higher number of outputs that are more engaging and fun to look at.”

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Bite-Sized Learning



“Powtoon has been one of our go-to tools for creating short animated videos that we use to educate our colleagues. We love the tool because it’s easy to use, and the library of assets Powtoon offers is simply outstanding.”

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Student Engagement

Indiana University


“With Powtoon, I have created short and engaging explainer videos that describe concepts and break them down with real-life examples for better understanding and application. All this has resulted in greater connection, interaction, and engagement with students.”

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Change Management

Sage | Software Company


“Powtoon helps deliver global change by creating awareness and building trust among our colleagues”

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Ideation & Engagement



“It was super-easy for the team to get started with Powtoon. We even use the Powtoon template library for inspiration before we create content now." - Lesley Moore, Learning Content Developent”

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Engaged Learning

Change Management Group | L&D Consulting


“We’re definitely seeing a high level of uptake for these Powtoon videos, and the speed with which we can create content means they are a key part of our training service.”

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Video Storytelling

Boston University | Higher Education


“I started out knowing zero about creating animation. Powtoon gave me the building blocks and tools to enable me to deliver a product that really looks professional.”

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Story-Based Video Learning

TIBCO | Computer Software


“With Powtoon, we can easily create videos that tell a story and immerse employees in an experience or environment. The result is a very engaging video that works much better than a PDF document.”

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Team Productivity

Page Group | Staffing & Recruiting


“With Powtoon, it takes less than half a day for us to create a two-minute video now! We have saved time and money, and most importantly, built a highly engaged learning community that looks forward to our training material.”

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Diverse Videos

Footlocker | Retail


”Powtoon really enables us to create these dynamic characters that can be from all different geographies, body types, heights, and ethnicities, so everyone who takes this training feels connected to the video!”

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Learning & Development

Enaire | Aviation


”Our team members are trainers, communication specialists, sociologists, and psychologists — not designers. Finding the right online tool to add creativity to their expertise was a part of our strategy to bring our training content to the next level.”

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Employee Engagement

Crown Commerical Service | Government


”By having each video start with an animated sequence followed by a screen recording it hooks the attention immediately. We’ve seen responses to in-training comprehension tests increase 4x since we started using Powtoon”

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DEKRA Arbeit Group | Recruitment


“Job portals provide limited visibility — after 30 days, it’s over. But posting a video on social media means it’s there and it stays there. If after two months someone likes or shares the post, it’s once again moving across newsfeeds for other people to see. Since using Powtoon, we’ve even seen new inquiries generated from videos six months after posting.”

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Agency Costs

Panasonic | Electronics


”We went from creating 5 videos a year with an agency to about 5 videos a month, if not more.”

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NPS Boost

Veolia | Resource Management


“Powtoon is super easy, allowing us to create about one video a month. I really love using the templates on Powtoon and the music too. It’s very dynamic. I add our logo and some branding elements and quickly get the video approved by my boss. It makes my life much easier, and it’s a lot of fun.”

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Strategic Alignment

Care International | Non-profit Organization Management


“Using visual communication is truly revolutionary because instead of needing to draft time-consuming white papers, it allows us to have an immediate visual response and provide resources to staff about fast-moving or emerging events.”

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Digital Transformation

Southern Water | Consulting


“Powtoon enabled us to tell the story of that transformation in a vibrant, dynamic, and engaging way.”

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Learning & Development

Skyguide | Aviation


“With Powtoon, some of the lessons that were exclusively offered in classroom lessons are now accessible as short, engaging videos via our LMS. Students can watch the videos where, when, and as many times as they want.”

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Digital Citizenship

Lake Shore Central School District in New York State


“The digital citizenship summit was great because it was a showcase for those classes that used Powtoon. Because there were parents and a lot of teachers there, the kids were teaching the teachers.”

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Security Compliance

Dun & Bradstreet | Information Services


“Powtoon’s become a staple of company’s security culture.”

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Higher Ed

University of Wisconsin


“I chose to use Powtoon because it’s just so much fun to play with, that I look for excuses to use it. People LOVE the visuals of it.”

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“Powtoon enables us to produce exciting and engaging videos that deliver key messages in a fast and effective way. It ensures our workforce are supported in their roles and receive the required learning they need to continue to keep people safe.”

Adele Curry,
Digital Learning Developer,
Care Quality Commission


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