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Videos for Your Clients.

Easily produce more videos, faster.Royalty-free footage & music included.

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Easily produce more videos, faster.Royalty-free footage & music included.

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Hundreds of thousands
of Videos for every business

The Powtoon Agency Package

Unlimited Premium Content

Choose from a huge selection of
royalty-free HD videos,
backgrounds, animations, GIFs,
characters, fonts, and music.
See our Agency plan

Commercial & Reseller Rights

Create videos in various formats
& ratios for commercial purposes,
with full 3rd-party resell rights.

Essential Integrations

Upload mobile & social-optimized
videos directly to your clients’
Facebook & Ads Manager, Instagram,
HubSpot, and YouTube accounts.

Full Creative Control

Quickly produce multiple
versions of videos, easily
customize content and create
templates, and export an
unlimited number of videos.

What You Can Create with Powtoon

Why Agencies Love Powtoon

Produce a lot of content
quickly at a lower cost

Free up your video production
team for bigger-ticket projects

Use & layer live video, animation,
characters, designs, images,
GIFs, text, and objects

Quickly create dozens of
versions of video ads to A/B
test for optimized PPC
performance marketing

Create customized content for
any kind of client regardless of
their size, budget, and
branding guidelines

Repurpose templates and
videos to use again and again

Increase your margins & deliver
more value while making a
compelling ROI pitch to clients

Work in teams and collaborate
with your clients to ensure fast
and high-quality deliverables


Over 20 Million Happy Customers
Here's what they say

  • Once we started offering videos as an additional service to our web and design products, our sales increased by 37%. Powtoon is so easy to use, and their service is amazing, allowing us to offer a unique product that is affordable, that crushes the competition.
  • Our subscription to Powtoon has paid for itself 100 times over.
  • Powtoon is an easily digestible video format, kind of canvas. It allows us to build the content that tells a story that sells a product.
  • Powtoon users are achieving 43% view rates on YouTube when the industry average is 27%.
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